No one in my life has ever inspired me more to be better than i really am than My Brother, Kirk Saarloos. / by Saarloosandsons

I had a deep conversation with my brother the other day, one of those conversations that when you are finished with it, you can feel a decades worth of rust fall off the metal. 
And as i hung up the phone I saw two young dogs playing in the feild,wrestling with each other. 

I watched them for a while and thought about My Brother and our relationship. 

Have you ever seen two little wolves fight? It is pretty vicious. Teeth out, biting, howling, trying to tear each other apart. And their parents just watch. They step in just before things escalate into something one of them can't come back from. The younger of the wolves in these fights doesn't have the size or strength of the older wolf to rely on in a fight so they usually become more cunning and relentless with their attacks. They get more ruthless and athletic more quickly, and often surpass the older wolf. Then the tables are turned a the older wolf has a rival equal or stronger that he must compete with. Thus the two wolves fighting constantly For dominance continue to escalate each others skills and breeds an inherent ethic or maniacal relentless nature to them. In a word, the brutality of their relationship between each other gave them skills they would not have had without the relationship.
It is only when these two wolves grow older split from the family and develop their own pack can they look back and see that the tension, fights, this brutal training they had with each other. Has lead them to where they are today.

No one knows your weaknesses better, Or how to exploit them. 
No steel makes you sharper than your own.
No one makes you stronger, more fearless, or more brutal.
No one can motivate you more than thinking about a 9year old kid that would throw baseball into a wall until it crumbled.

Than your brother.
Keep Pounding until it Crumbles.