Our entire lives come down to this 2 word statement. It is how we live, it is how we think, it is the purpose of our work. In every thing we do we are striving to either:

HONOR those that have come before us, or to PREPARE the way for those yet to come. 

When you see a tombstone you see a couple things, a name, some nice words, and then a date. 
That date has always drawn me in,  

1910 - 2010

there is a start point then a - then an end point. that is it....
I have always thought about that little line, that -
ever since i can remember.

That little - represents that persons entire life. All of the hopes, dreams, relationships, work, first kiss, EVERYTHING....

Well, we are not going to be defined by a -

WE are going to be defined by a +

We will spend our lives both Honoring + Preparing.
In every instance bringing us closer together. Because that is the contract, you want to be a part of this... you pay it forward, you pay it backwards, you live selflessly, and you work. 
Because the people you are Honoring, Prepared for you. And those that you are preparing for, will one day honor you.

Honor + Prepare,  that is the deal.  It is pretty easy to follow the compass when you are all headed in the same direction.