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HOURS: 11-5ish
last pour is 4:30

PHONE - 805-688-1200

We Completely Agree: By Katy Woods.

If you think we are just like every other tasting room you have ever been to - I am sorry to disappoint you. 
Yes we do have wines. So thats about as far as being “just like every other tasting room” goes. 


Here is some things to know before you get here.
yes we are serious about these.

1. We are Farmers First and Foremost.

Most of the wines we serve are 100% Estate Grown. (Estate Grown is just fancy wording for: our wine company grew these grapes on our property) But to go a step further WE actually grew these grapes. We don't have a farming company we pay to farm our grapes for us.  These grapes are grown in a Saarloos’ shadow. We know our vineyards pretty well (we still have lifetimes to learn) and have even started naming little patches of our vineyards special little names because we treat these small individual places differently. Names such as Fat man and Little boy, the point the swale, over there and up the hill by where the deer was two years ago. Think about your lawn and knowing you need to pay special attention to that patch where the shade of that tree falls over it only in spring and then treating it differently so its just perfect. Yes we have counted every one of our vines many, many times. But we are only halfway through naming each of them. 


Thus we don't tell you what you taste. Wine is about discovery how dare we tell you what you taste. We feel that our wines speak for themselves, not in a pompous way, but much like music. You would never ask what does this sound like? So, our wines taste like what they taste like.  So put a bit in your mouth, splash it around, and let us know what you think. We are all adults, and wine is about discovery. Think about it this way, have you ever been set up on a blind date? Has that person ever been EXACTLY as described?  You go on a date and you see for yourself if you like them or not, same goes for wine. This is the reason why we only sell our wines at the tasting room. IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY IT, IF YOU DONT, THEN DONT. More so, far be it from us to treat you like a child and tell you that you should be tasting. We will never tell you that you should be tasting “hints of barnyard” while you are tasting spicy leather, come to think of it why do you know what spicy leather tastes like...  

3. Winemaking is voodoo. 

4. We planted every single vine.

We planted our grapes about 15 Years ago.  We started with 14 Acres of Syrah.  We had our first bottle of our own wine in 2003 (We mostly sell our grapes to other winemakers) and have been making growing wine ever since. Now we have 2 vineyards, each one has a different personality. Each vine in those vineyards is different 5. Dad is a Legend.

If you see a man on a orange tractor in one of our vineyards wearing a cowboy hat it is in fact Larry Saarloos. Stop on the road and wave at him. He will come over and tell you about the vineyard for the rest of the day. He will show you things you never knew existed and why they are important to good wine. He will also point you in the right direction for a good dinner. Come late in the day, if it is hot bring Gatorade (red). Regardless of weather bring a cigar for him... No bring 2 and tell him to let me have the other one.

6. Wine is for every one, not just rich people.

 2 buck chuck is the greatest thing that has happened to wine. Now everyone can get into it and find out what they like and build a appreciation for REAL GOOD wines. I used to think Natural light was the best beer in the world when i was 21, Now i can appreciate the subtle nuances and delicate idiosyncrasies of a Premium brand such as Pabst. 

7.Winemakers drink beer and scotch

 not because they don't LOVE WINE, but because you need to leave work and relax. I know on good authority that the Cookie Monster goes home and has a BabyRuth.

8. Be a Snob get 86’ed

If you are Snobby we will kick you out of the House. A snob is defined as: Someone who uses their level of experience or knowledge to make someone new feel inferior or uncomfortable. There is nothing worse than someone spouting off just to make the new kid uncomfortable. Remember you were new to this at one time, and you need to be welcoming to those that are just coming up. Its people like these Snobs that give wine a bad name. Moreover, if you talk/act like this I invite you to spend frost season with me getting like a fireman when a pin of frost hits the floor. One night of being covered in Frozen Water and Mud until the sun comes up will fix that quick.  

9. If we need a 9 we have failed you.

You have read this far... 
Keep reading about who we are.

If you don’t know him, you should. Spend 45 minutes with Keith Saarloos and you’ll learn everything your dad should have taught you. This winemaker/entrepreneur/family man/gentleman sits down to discuss the important things in life.

  1. I’ve been a farmer for 15 years. I’ve been on my knees for six. One day I hope to reach my feet. But growing grapes and making wine was the culmination of everything in my life.

  2. There’s no fraud police. I do it because I say I’m doing it.

  3. You’re idealistic when you graduate. You come out with a handful of matches ready to light the world on fire. After a little while, you look down and realize everyone’s taking turns pissing on them.

  4. If you’re getting paid by someone else, you’re getting paid to achieve their dreams. Not your own.

  5. No one ever asks if their parents are happy but they follow in their footsteps anyway. My job is to live a life that inspires my children. I work hard.

  6. My Great Uncle got off a boat in World War II with people shooting at him from 50 yards away. I’ve never had a bad day in my life.

  7. The best thing you can say is “I did that”. Good or Bad. Own it.

  8. Check out Phil Henry’s "So God made a Farmer". A man needs to be soft enough to cry but tough enough to get back up the next morning.

  9. I don’t know why wine has such a pretense. I grow grapes in the dirt like everyone else. I just happen to also like cheap beer and cheap cigars.

  10. We never remake our wines. We burn our business to the ground every year. That’s how it grows. From the ashes.

  11. Beer is 12 ounces of selfishness. Wine is a shared experience. No one ever talks about that.

  12. I like singer songwriters like Johnny Cash. He sang it because he meant it. Not because he was a great singer. I’m not the best wine maker in the world. I’m a pretty good farmer. I try not to screw it up.

  13. My 8 year old daughter joined an all-boys baseball team. I told her she’s going to have to be twice as good as everyone else. She’s going to be different. Kids are mean. That’s just a fact.

  14. She hit the only home run in the league.

  15. I plant trees so my children and grandchildren can sit under their shade.

  16. What’s next? I don’t know. I want to build something that everyone I love can be a part of. If they can replace me in 10 years, that will be a good day.

  17. Live to honor you those who have come before you. Prepare for those who have yet to come. Honor + Prepare.


Yes we throw people out for being snobby.
— Keith Saarloos