ATTENTION ALL WINE CLUB FAMILY MEMBERS - and nosey people in general. / by Saarloosandsons



May is finally here!
That means that the wine club allocations are on their way. 
So if you need to update any of your information 
(credit card info: address, love notes) 
Send an email right away....  
We barely have enough of these wines to fulfill this allocation.
 if you miss it, you miss it.

We are really excited about this release as it has some truly special and unique wines in it. 
We were going to keep a secret but thats impossible,  so here is what is on its way:

-The Creed- 
100% Petite Syrah. Yes, petite syrah. It is an awesome wine that we named in honor of our family creed, "we live our lives in a way to honor those that have come before us and prepare the way for those yet to come" 
Street Price - $50.00

Syrah/Cab blend. always a favorite and this year definitely didn't disappoint. 
Grandma and Grandpa where one again well represented on this beautiful wine. 
Street Price - $38.00

-Black Flag- 
PORT- Back by popular demand is our port. This is a 6 year Syrah port that is not like any port you have ever had. Could be the last time we release a port. 
Street Price - $50.00

If you really enjoyed the last shipment (we hope you did or we would cry) we are deep in the red as far as the '10 Extended Family $50.00 goes. We know it was only around for a little while but thats just the way it goes. Those of you who are reading this email are very special to us so we have given you the last chance to get it. It is now available to you and you only as members. 3 cases left before it gets to family stock. 
(which is about 9 bottles). 

Big Larr $30.00 is another wine from the last shipment that is very quickly getting to the scary point of being sold out. We have some left but if that was a wine you enjoyed, 
get it before its gone forever. 

Once these cases sell out to Family Stock Levels the price will be set by our algorithm, currently the algorithm says we should be charging $250.00
But we Don't let Machines Run Our Lives.

Mothers day is quickly approaching. Give her a gift that you will both enjoy.Our personal favorite for mothers day is "Hers" Grenache Blanc $24.00 
Made in honor of grandma and represented by a beautiful portrait of her on the label. 
Or send her a Gift Box. 
Keith Will Sign it to "Mom" and she will love you even more & bake you cookies, hopefully sugar cookies....

+ In other News...+
 We now have  a photo booth in the tasting room. Our secret testing has paid off in that our creation is, well, awesome.  Our Family at have been so kind to us.  Allowing us to build our own Frankenstein, (or is it Fronkensteen?) with their Brains and our Heart. So leave your cameras at home, come by the tasting room and take a few photos. Come see Young Frank - He'll make you famous. well, Locally World Famous.

As always, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our little wine family. 

Keith and Brad

You dint wake up today, not to be awesome.