Happy Birthday Mom. I love you. / by Keith Saarloos

Super Woman. 

Super Woman. 

That woman, is my mom. 

When this photo was taken she was a Star Athlete in 3 sports and a Cheerleader.
She had earned more money in the bank than my father when they bought their first house.
She is the youngest daughter of a fearless tough as nails silent carpenter.
The Youngest of 6.
When my Dad went to pick up my mom on their first date,  Grandpa slammed the door in his face.
She has never missed a thing my brother or I have ever done.
She is Tougher than she seems.
She is more loving than you know.
She is the Hardest working woman you have ever met.
She has beaten Cancer 3 times.
She learned to ride a horse in her late 50's.
She has won more buckles than my dad.
She will beat you at Cards, Horseshoes, and Shooting.
When she says "I can do that" She does, and does it better than the original.
She can paint and draw and fix almost anything.
She Prayed that I would fail somewhere in my life to make sure I was Humble and trusted God more than myself.
She is my children's best friend.
She said we should plant grapes.
She put up with me and my brother.
She will out work you.
She would make us kiss her on the lips when we came home in high school every night to keep us honest.
She knows when you are lying.
She is loyal. 
She made my father the man he is today.
She is the glue of my family. 
She is the reason me and my brother have a soft side. 
She will be embarrassed I wrote this.

Beautiful things don't ask for attention.

Mom never has.