Every now and then. Someone says something Nice about us. / by Keith Saarloos

I asked if we could share his email: 

Please do. I'm glad you guys got my message.  I never review anything because it's rare that a product or service exceeds expectation. But, you guys have just been so consistently impressive, that I felt I needed to say something and just hoped someone would read it.


This deal is awesome. You guys rock. Literally everything you send me is delicious.  I have stopped buying other red wine because everything else I end up drinking, regardless of price point, pales in comparison to your juice.  Also, I need to conserve space for my quarterly allotments because my fiance has threatened to kick my ass as I fill our 1 BR in NYC with your wines.  My only hope is that one day I have a cellar where I can store as much S&S as possible.

BTW, I was in Austin a couple of months ago for a fantasy football draft and I was rocking my S&S fitted that I picked up from the tasting room.  A stranger in a bar came up to me and was like "where did you get that hat?" I assumed he was just interested in getting one for himself, but it turns out that he was one of Keith's buddies from minor league ball.  I can't recall his name, but he was amped to see the S&S name getting out there.  Plus, he summed up S&S perfectly: "They're really passionate about that wine."  I'll say....

I visited central CA in July with my fiance and future brother and sister-in-law and your tasting room was the only spot I demanded that we visit (I had bought Son from klwines).  I promptly signed up to be part of the family and bought the aforementioned hat.  Needless to say, you made me look brilliant because everyone in my party unanimously agreed that your wines and the experience at the house were unmatched by the other wineries/rooms we visited.

Your story, family approach and passion for your craft are both moving and refreshing in an industry that is drowning in overpriced fruit punch driven by balance sheets. Keep doing you (and please keep the wine coming).



Steve Balcof