Saarloos and sons new bla-blah-blog. / by Saarloosandsons

I have been pretty ashamed lately... I havent been giving much attention to one of my favorite things, our little bla-blah-blog. 

Its kind of like that little thing you have, that you tell yourself your going to get back to. You know, when things slow down. Its that car you just cant get rid of because of all the memories....

Well i am SICK OF IT!, so in true Saarloos fashion, i am going to tear the old blog to the ground and rebuilding from the ground up...

Why remodel with a paintbrush when you can rebuild with dynamite.

Oh sure the old blog will be there, for posterity you know.

But this, the bla-blah-blog. will be more up to the standards we have become acustomed to.                     There will be plenty of paint and chrome for the casual observer.....pretty, with some style.

 But, under the hood, where it actually matters, your going to find the Fully blown 454 ready to melt the rubber off of the rims, and press your date into the seat as we go metal to metal.

buckle up.

game on.