SSCO : The Book Report : Episode 2 : Fear and Failure by Keith Saarloos

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Fear and Failure

And. record. Everybody this is Keith's our lives and Michael Larson back with Charleston son's what are we calling this again - Fear and failure. We're just we're diving right in with the good stuff.

That's right. So this is I guess chapter one fear and failure of the book report

We are writing a book and this is us bringing you on the process This Is Us kind of answering more questions than maybe have been alluded to in both print and. And speaking openly in front of large groups of people and Mike is putting together a kind of the list and drawing it into a bit of a consumable way to eat this elephant.


Hello Stranger / Goodby Friend - Volume 3 - Raj Qsar by Keith Saarloos


Raj's story goes a little something like this... Beautiful design evokes emotion. Emotion stirs the soul and creates a connection between client, agent and the home buying or selling process. The Boutique Real Estate Group has invested heavily in bringing all aspects of the real estate experience completely in-house. From custom design, professional staging, architectural photography, cinematography, and social media to technology, internet optimization, cloud-based transaction management and global listing syndication. This not only provides The Boutique with complete control of the design, marketing & technology of luxury real estate but also gives them the look & feel of a true boutique marketing agency. This design & tech-forward approach has earned The Boutique Real Estate Group accolades & awards worldwide.

In 2018 the accolades include Real Estate Video Influencer Award & Top Real Estate Brokerage on Social Media. In 2017 Raj & The Boutique were awarded The Real Estate Influencer of The Year by Inman News, Most Innovative Brokerage, REAL Trends Finalist for Best Overall Website and the #1 Real Estate Video Influencer Award. In 2016 Raj was named to the prestigious SP200 Honoring The Most Powerful 200 People in Residential Real Estate. The Boutique was an Inman News Innovator for Most Innovative Real Estate Brokerage in 2016, Most Innovative Technology in 2015 and Raj was selected as Most Innovative Real Estate Agent in 2014. Raj was also selected as 33 People Changing The Real Estate Industry by Inman News. The Boutique was also awarded Best Real Estate Video for 2014 by Placester and Raj was also named Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders For 2013 By Inman News. The Boutique Real Estate Group was recently selected as The 2014 Next Generation Real Estate Brokerage by Better Homes & Garden Real Estate & 1000 Watt Consulting.

As a National & International Speaker, Raj travels the world and has taken the stage at some of the most prestigious real estate conferences educating Real Estate Professionals on the value of Marketing, Technology & Social Media.
   Raj Qsar  |  Principal | Owner
CalBRE# 01744847

714-412-5019  mobile
949-612-2535  office

Hello Stranger / Goodbye Friend - Volume 2 - Matthew Kaner by Keith Saarloos


Matthew Kaner

Wine Director+Partner of @barcovell , @AugustineWineLA , Dead or Alive Bar , @GoodMeasureLA / lifelong @dodgers fan


Wine is sacred in Santa Barbara, where Matthew grew up. A new rockstar region in the wine world was being exposed while Matthew pursued his first love of music as a career. Funny thing is, all he ever wanted was to be able to afford a nice bottle of wine. A college roommate of Matthew's at the University of California at Santa Barbara came from a family that coveted wine, collected wine, sought the world over for the finest wine and food pairings. Grand Cru Burgundy, Grower Champagnes, aged German Rieslings, Madeira from the late 19th Century. This was Matthew's introduction.

After leaving a restaurant manager position at his high school job, Matthew decided to test the waters in the wine industry. The Wine Cask was hiring for a sales position in the wine store, an interview was conducted, and days later Matthew began working in a job that changed the course of his life. Leaving Santa Barbara had always been on his mind, and the leap from comfort to unknown became harder and harder to avoid. It was time to move to Los Angeles.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles in August of 2006, Matthew was working as a tour manager and also doing some of his own touring under Matthew Kaner & the Coalition. The house that brought Matthew to Silverlake was rented by a screen writer who was traveling to Europe for three months to teach a screen writing class, left on his desk was a postcard for Silverlake Wine. Matthew put the address into Google Maps and realized it was less than a half mile away. An invite to the Cinespia Cemetary Screenings left Matthew with the need for a bottle of wine and an opportunity to check out Silverlake Wine, this proved to be a serendipitous occasion. Looking at every bottle in the store, Matthew recognized a lot but also realized he didn't know many of the wines at the shop. This place was special. A week later Matthew emailed along with a resume to ask if Silverlake Wine would need any help, as he had time in between tours to work. He was offered a three day a week position. It turned into a full-time job. It turned into a salaried position. It turned into his life. Three and a half years later, Dustin was opening a new wine bar in Los Feliz and he asked Matthew to join him at Covell as manager/wine director. The answer was certainly yes. It all started over a bottle of wine.

Hello Stranger / Goodbye Friend - Volume 1 - Jaime Macias by Keith Saarloos


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