Vigilance and a Math lesson in frost protection =AKA the worlds Largest Circulating Fountain on Earth / by Saarloosandsons


It has been a lot of late nights and early mornings these past few nights as we have been Vigilantly Protecting our Grape Buds from frost damage. We have been doing this in order to protect our crop of wine so you can enjoy the Fruits of our Labor in 3 years.Frost Protection is at its most basic, Us, the farmer, using overhead irrigation, AKA sprinklers, to spray water that is warmer than the sub-freezing air at the grape bud level of the vineyard. At its most protective this water then freezes and creates a igloo around the bud, the water than freezes rather than the wet plat bud. 
SEE PHOTO:If this bud freezes, all is lost.
WE ARE THE PROTECTORS of many wineries fruture fruit and wine. 
And we take this VERY VERY seriously.
Here are some interesting numbers to look at:
April 9th 1:30 - 700 = 7.5 Hours
April 8th 3:30 -7:00 = 3.5 Hours
April 7th 11:30 - 7:00 = 8.5
Total Hours of Frost Protection to date = 19.5 hours
USAGE - We can cover the vineyard in water at a rate of 1115 gal per min in Overhead Frost Protection
MATH:19.5 Hours * 66,000Gal Per Hour = 1,287,000 Gallons
*60 Min Per Hour
* Hours
=66,000 gal per hour.
There is 325,000 gal Per acre foot



Fun Facts:

Is 8900 Gallons
We fill one EVERY 8 Min.

Gallons in a Olympic Pool 660,000 
We Have filled 2 Olympic Sized Pools in 3 Days.


Remember. Esentally we are pumping the ground water out from under the ground that is covering the ground we are covering in water to protect the grapes from frost.

In essance, we have the worlds largest circulating fountin on earth.

Enjoy your bottle of wine a little more
knowing how VIGILANTLY we are protecting the grape buds
so you CAN!