​No scores, No tasting notes, All Heart. by Keith Saarloos



The first time I watched the last scene of Indiana Jones I distinctly remember being able to feel how Big that warehouse was, and how small I was. Today, I not only felt that feeling of Size and Space, but also my place in time. It has been raining so I headed over to the Windmill Vineyard to see how muddy it was.  As I crested the Hill I felt like I was punched in the face.
All at once looking at that hillside of vines I felt small, very small. I felt every dream my grandfather ever had about "Growing Something from the Ground" hit me in the eyes,  I felt my father and his vision to follow his fathers dream by living it out for himself and turning the dirt, I felt my children thanking God in their prayers for where they live and the people they love, I felt my grand children knowing who my grandparents were and what they believed because my children were told and they shared it with them... 
Just sitting there, in my old truck, in silence, i was overcome...
Some people see a vineyard, 
I see every dream my family has ever had.
I see our past, and I see the future.

our wine. 
is an expression of that.