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By Lydia Chen • Getting HitchedJust For Fun♥ Favorite Things ♥ • 19 Aug 2011

love wine! Especially when the wine is from Saarloos and Sons, one of my favorite tasting rooms in the world! I discovered this boutique winemaker + tasting room entirely by accident when I went on a wine tasting tour in the Santa Ynez Valley. Located in a lovely little town of Los Olivos, Saarloos and Sons also offers gourmet cupcake pairing with their wines. Did I mention some of these yummy little cupcakes are also made with wine?

Just today I received a bottle of beautiful rosé from Keith Saarloos, owner of the tasting room. I’m uber excited and can’t wait to savor this bottle with friends and family! Cheers to good life!




I had a tough time pinning this one down, taste-wise. What I can say for certain is that it's good. There's green apple and pine needle on the nose, which carries over into the taste a little bit - but just a little bit. Generally sweet, with a semi-dry tinge. This is a nice, affordable entry into the Saarloos line.
14.5% alcohol