A Hero with a Thousand faces. Brielle Saarloos Edition. / by Saarloosandsons

Today my daughters eyes welled up and she confessed she was scared of something to me, on the way to school, and begged not to go.
It was a small issue, but I could see in her eyes that the sky was falling in her life. I remember and felt what that was like...
I knew I had a choice,
1. Be the cool dad and let her skip.
2. Tough it out and tell her to face it.
Or 3. Tell her what I wish I was told in this situation.

Well, I chose 3.
I asked her,
Do you know how good people become great? They are tested, they run into burning buildings when others run out. They do when others don't. They practice when others rest.
I asked her how uncle Kirk became a professional baseball player.
And she said, "he never gave up, he never surrendered."

Then we circled the block again and I said. "no one ever sees the tests, and tests are hard, but if you take them, you get to see how you do, sometimes you get a A sometimes you get a D, but you learn, you grow, you get a shot. If you don't take them you always get a F."

So, what do you want to do today kid?

She said, I want my shot, I'm scared, but I want to do it anyway..

I said. "That's called courage, and only hero's have that, I've never met a Hero that didn't. You already passed today's test."

A big smile smashed across her face, a Thanks dad jumped off her lips, She gave me a kiss and bounced out to school.

Then my eyes welled up.

Brielle Hunter Saarloos - My Hero.