You know what I love: / by Keith Saarloos

People that you can texted 5:45 AM and expect a response people that you can text at 1 AM and expect a response people that have already been out hunting & hustling  since 6 AM trying to get their grind on and beat the hustle while everybody else is just getting to work. Farmers that wish there was more daylight and people that they thank God it's Monday. People that drag their kids around the work and show them this is how food at the table and the lights stay on. People that know the good times won't always stay good and the bad times won't always stay bad. People that tackle new challenges and by the end of it say now I know how to do that with pride convention. People that have never said that's not my job. People that Are convicted and hold their ground, And yell "come and take it". People who view our country has their daughter and Politicians as the boys asking her out on a date. People who vote with their dollars and want to see you spent it in the same town as they live. People who believe in craft before commodity and kill what they eat and eat what they kill. People that feel there is something sacred about standing around the fire and telling stories and warming their food. People who drink and eat like kings and work like a criminals. People who endure because they know there is something of great value that awaits them at the end. People who make a point of being a better parent than they had. People that use their turn signals Wave out the window and stop in the middle of the street to talk. Women who drive trucks and Jeeps and can launch a boat. Fat guys and hot wives. Women who don't want to marry prince charming but the guy who can build the castle. People that say hold my beer and watch this.  Fireworks every possible kind and combination.