WRITE DRUNK, Edit Sober .... If you think Saarloos & sons is about wine... you couldn't be more wrong..... This is what we are about. / by Keith Saarloos

Firstly, I want to let you know yet again what a blessing your wines have continued to be around our family dinner table over the last few months. Y’all have been part of some very special occasions with us, so bear with me while I catch you up. 

… For Thanksgiving, Don purchased a couple of those magnums you had on special and they were gone before we even got through the meal! You definitely enhanced the amount of giggles and inappropriate conversation shared over dinner.

… For Christmas, my dad (Smith Tonahill) had purchased several bottles of the special release you did for club members and we introduced Saarloos to our extended family at dinner. They were blown away! Even the non-wine drinkers couldn’t get enough. Even more so when we told them the stories of the wines, with Don, my father, my mother and I all fighting over who got to tell their favorite bottle’s story first! (Mine is always Grey David & Lane Linda. Makes me cry every time!)

… Finally, going a few months back, it was while sharing a bottle of Saarloos one late night that Don and I decided we finally wanted to get married. And make it a surprise for everyone :) Which is exactly what we did! Everyone thought they were coming to our holiday party and we got married under the Texas stars in our backyard with only 25 of our closest friends and family present. We’re saving a bottle of wife, husband and anniversary to celebrate our own. And we have a bottle of Father and Motherhood stored away for when we get to celebrate having our own little wine lover. 

I find myself in tears every time I send you a message because over the last couple of years, your wines have become inextricably linked to some of my most treasured family moments. Thank you.

I told my dad that my bucket list for 2015 includes Don and me making a trip to Saarloos with my parents. Sooooooo, a very long story later, I wanted to ask for your input on the best times of year to visit y’all so that I can start coordinating our calendars and get this settled. I can’t wait to get them out there.

Wishing you and the entire Saarloos family a very happy new year.

With love,
Jess (Tonahill) Hawkins