Today I got to experience one of the Greatest Joys a man can experience. / by Keith Saarloos

This morning,
My daughter, sang Happy Birthday to my Father.

My Favorite of my Dad and Daughter

I just got to sit there, and listen.

My eyes just started leaking passion.

To experience the two generations appreciating each other. 

it was a pride I had never felt.

it was just so simple.

just my daughter singing to my father. 

It was just the personification of who we are as a family.

It made every thing in my life completely worth it.

All at once.

That old vine has produced some amazing young fruit.

Honor + Prepare

This is the Happiest moment of my Fathers Life. 
He gets to do this every year.

Today is my fathers birthday. He turns 61.

Larry Saarloos,
son, father, visionary, farmer,  the bull.