Time Travel - aka ¡Bottling Day! / by Keith Saarloos

Today we ride the time machine:
I love bottling day. It feels like that slow motion moment when the astronauts are walking to the rocket. It is every bit of hope for the future combined with sheer terror. It is the moment that is complete: we are Honoring the Past + Preparing for the Future with the fill of a bottle... It is eveyr bit of Hard Work out in the vineyard everyday in 2011. The sleepless nights, the scorching days, the efforts, the dreams, the fears, the harvest... All to give our grapes a shot at immortality. The incubation of 2 long years in barrel comes down to today.
Did we make all the right choices? Did we do a good job? Was all the effort worth it? Then the know large that 2 years brings smashes you in the face... The new things that you are going to try this year explodes in your mind as you move the past from barrel and into tank awaiting the launch into bottle...

You pray the math is right and that you were good at this 2 years ago. You pray you are ready for this years harvest. You pray that you 2 years in the future will be proud of you.
You pray someone will love these wines as much as you have.

Lets kick the tires and light the fires. It's time to put this grape ape into space.
Lets time travel.