HEY LOOK WE DID SOMETHING WE WANT YOU TO SEE : The Road To What Matters - Featuring Los Olivos on Day 2 / by Keith Saarloos

So Much Flannel.

So Much Flannel.

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At the breathtaking Saarloos & Sons Vineyards, Chef Jessica Roy has an unforgettable wine tasting session with owner Keith Saarloos. Next, she visits Mattei's Tavern to experience Chef Robbie Wilson's culinary creations. Follow Jessica's journey at roadtowhatmatters.com.

Chef Jessica Roy leaves the coast behind for a breathtaking cruise through the golden Santa Ynez Valley in her V60 Cross Country. Her first stop is Saarloos & Sons for an unforgettable wine tasting experience.The things that matter most to premier winemaker Keith Saarloos are family and five-star wine making. The next stop is an historic landmark, Mattei’s Tavern, where Chef Robbie Wilson is on a neverending quest to find new flavors to satiate the discerning tastes of his guests. 

Saarlos & Sons Family Wine Company
Mattei’s Tavern, Santa Barbara Wine Country

Source: http://roadtowhatmatters.com