I'm just lucky, i guess. / by Keith Saarloos

The Optimism of Hard Work

One of the things I have learned about farming is that you must be a hard-working optimist.

This year we have had little to no rain. We are in a drought. But, we have the opportunity for success if we plant the ground and hope it is going to rain. 

If we do not plant the ground and there is rain we have lost an opportunity to succeed. We have lost an opportunity to provide for our family.  And if it doesn't rain we have worked hard for nothing.

The best we can do its to get up, and work the earth. Laboriously turning over the dirt and planting seed in the hopes it will rain. 

There are no guarantees in life other than if you don't get up and work you most likely won't have anything to harvest. And if you do get up and work hard and prepare for the rain you hope will come. 

When it does come...
those who didn't get up, 
who didn't work hard, 
Who dint work hard 
without any guarantees......

Call you Lucky.


i am just lucky, 
i guess.