Repaying a debt to Clif and Erin. Wedding Photos at the Vineyard. / by Keith Saarloos


We met Cliff and Erin through our winery. Actually we met them before we even had a winery.  Honestly it was Clif's enthusiasm that made us feel right to take the next step into this wine world. There may not have been a Saarloos and sons without a Clif and Erin Maher.

I owe him a lot.....

Here a few photos and a excerpt taken by and from: 

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Hope you enjoyed looking at this amazing wedding. Cliff and Erin got married in Los Olivos, Ca. Known for being the heart of the Santa Barbara County’s wineries and vineyards. The vineyard of choice, was the famous Saarloos & Sons. This vineyard had a breath taking layout. The main house on the property let us capture some amazing portraits, while the guest outside stayed cool with Erin and Cliff’s chosen cocktails. The heat does get rather hot up in the hills. But, just when you thought it was too hot. The wind kicked in allowing everyone to get some extra dancing in. All in all, it looked like a giant group of old friends got together and made one great day to remember… We even got a bottle of wine to take home too. And it was worth going back to Saaloos and Sons tasting room to buy a case. Oh, how we miss the beauty of Santa Barbara. Her curves quench our thirst, and the depths of her beauty keep us full and happy from the bottom of the ocean to the tops of the mountains. “A true Saint.” We miss you SB:( Once again congratulations to Erin and Cliffton Maher “True billionaires in the forms of friendships and love “