Reasons to Buy a Magnum / by Keith Saarloos

Thanks for the help Everybody Body. I hope you dig it as much as i do.
I think turned out pretty cool. 

1.5 Ltr MAGNUM / and

3Years Barrel Aged,
2 Years Bottle Aged. 
Cabernet Sauvignon
100% Estate Grown. 

We bottled these magnums for just such occasions as the family get together. The purpose of the MAGNUM is to draw people closer together, to have twice as much wine to pour from one bottle, and  to make us all, just a little bit closer.


1.5Ltr - 

Magnums are for gatherings, for bringing a large group together in one common experience. 
Corkage? Ha, One Bottle.  BEAT THE SYSTEM.

You Look Nice Today.


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