Life isn't looking for the homerun... / by Keith Saarloos

Most people think about life as hitting the home run.
Just today someone won the lottery an it was big news.
... Someone hit it 400 ft....

But that's not life.
And that's why so many people are disappointed with life...

Life Is more about being a pitcher.
Your are constantly working it out in your head,
playing the game out,
bit by bit...
You make your best guess, because that's all you get,
Hopefully you have a catcher you can trust and work with...
you calm yourself,
you make one last check at the bases to see if you have to make a change,
you start the windup, and the you throw with your whole body,
a light little ball,
with as much precision as you possibly can.
If you did your job,
you get the ball back and have to do it again....

Best case scenario, you throw 3 pitches.
Worst case you throw a hundred.
Have you ever seen how much those guys are sweating out there throwing a little ball?
That's what life is about.
Getting to pitch

Getting the opportunity to throw.

Those are the guys that win games.
The Pitchers.

The guys who don't say a word when they are in it.
Just focus.

That's what life is about.
Getting to work,
Getting to throw,
Getting to grind.

Love you brother.
Good talk today.