Letters Home. / by Keith Saarloos

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hi keith,

in the spirit of being family, I decided to pass on this story. I think you'll enjoy it. I apologize in advance for its wordiness. about nine or ten months ago, we were struggling with our daughter. typical teenage bullshit but it's hard to be rational when you're in the eye of the storm. things have improved considerably since then and she's headed to berkeley next month. anyway, around thanksgiving my aunt approached us about adopting a cat she had rescued. we never wanted animals but the strife along with the fact that our children no longer really need us in ways they recognize on a daily basis stopped us from automatically saying no and we decided to go for it.

this is shelby. words simply fail to describe how much julie and I love this cat. we needed to be needed and she needed us. we've had her now for about eight months and I can't imagine life without her.

fast forward to present time. me and a friend will be at bacon & barrels for the whole 3-day extravaganza. my mom tells my aunt and she has a special request for me. during that weekend she would like me to purchase some "fine red wine" for her. her budget is around $100 and she's not sure if I should buy one really nice bottle or two good bottles. she doesn't drink wine; she wants the wine to take to germany next month as a wedding present for an exchange student she sponsored who's getting married. here was my suggestion:

I just got a shipment of wine that includes a bottle called groom and a bottle called bride. seems like kismet to me. the wine is top notch and it works symbolically. my aunt was beyond thrilled with the idea and told me should would pay me whatever I wanted for the wine. I told her she already had paid me by bringing shelby into our lives and she's priceless. gilbert and bertha are traveling to germany next month to honor a new couple getting married 69 years after they did.

anyway, I thought you would enjoy the story and get a kick out of your wine showing up at a wedding in germany.  see you next week and thanks for making this story possible.