Letters Home. / by Keith Saarloos

Now and then we get letters from people. 
Letters that make us feel like we are doing something right. If you send us one, and don't mind us sharing it. Let us know.

Just email me Keith@saarloosandsons.com

Hi Keith,

I'm one of XXXX XXXX's closest friends - we were just in Los Olivos for our second visit last Tuesday.

A few thoughts...

First - your wine is so incredibly fabulous and made with so much heart.

As a marketer - I've spent some time on your site and I love the soul and grit you've put into your family brand.

We're thrilled to have joined the "vinegar" club as I've dubbed it - Katie was gracious, helpful and got us all signed up - living in Utah (a beautiful, but still medieval place sometimes) we always have to find creative ways to get great product - and now we have...so thank you.

I know the XXXXXX adore you - and I just have to say thank you for working so hard to make something so wonderful.  I'm sure it's a labor of love from dirt to cork - and it's worth every bit of sweat equity to a girl like me - who's dad made Cab once upon a time... I'm tempted each time I'm in the Santa Ynez valley to pull up stakes, move and start making things.  Someday, perhaps. 

Thanks - from a very enthusiastic Saarloos swooner...