Last Night / by Keith Saarloos

Last night we had the pleasure of pouring wine in a friends home for their friends. By the time we left we were 
ALL friends.
Brad, Greg and even my wife was there. 

On the drive home, I got a little introspective. 

I began to think about how many people I can call 
my friends, my family, how many life long relationships that have been forged, we have even been part of a few marriages, I even got to officiate one for dear friends. 

This dirt, this sky, this place, and these vines have given us that. I am eternally humbled. I am endlessly grateful. 

And just as my relationship with my wife, and the unbelievable children she has given me, pushes me to be the best man I can be...

Your friendship and support has pushed our family so far beyond the edge of our map that we are in a place we did not know existed. Thank you. 
Thank you for letting us do this for you. Thank you for stretching us beyond our ability. Thank you for letting us peruse this farming with reckless passion and share our wines with respect and honor. 

You have given us so much more than we can ever repay. 

Wine is the blood of our family. 
God willing, for generations to come.
From plow to porch and everything in between. 
Let's close the distance. 

Thank you friends,
Thank you family,
for the honor to work this hard. 

Honor + Prepare.