​If you think of wine as a beverage you miss the point completely: / by Keith Saarloos

Brielle and the Future

Today Brielle and I will be spending the morning together quietly tasting the Sauvignon Blanc grapes. We will be very serious, quietly tasting, evaluating, making decisions.... But really, we will be spending time together, making memories, in the vines my family had labored on for the last year. 

At some point in the near future an  8 year old girl will say, "daddy, grandpa, uncle, cousins, the Sauvignon Blanc is ready to be picked." 

And based on that little girls call shot, thee SsCo farming operation will begin to move. Tractors, people, knives, bins. 
Then that same little girl will read the Saarloos Blessing of the Vines, Uncle Harv will cry, i will act like i am not, my fathers heart will swell, and brand and greg will be chomping at the bit.....
and then only then, 
the harvest will begin. 

Then the transformation into wine will begin. 
The crush, the juice, the capture of this time, into a bottle, so it can be shared by you with people you love. 

I have to go.
My daughter is waiting. 

If wine is just a beverage, 
you completely,
missed the point.