lie to yourself - all the time. you wont mind. / by Keith Saarloos

There are No Impostor Police.

Pretend you are someone who can do it, 

Don't pretend to do it.


Pretend to be someone who could. 

Then act like they would.

Pretty soon,

You are that person.

If you have to,

Lie to yourself.

I have lied to myself so much,

they aren't lies anymore.

No one really knows what they are doing,

but when you are doing things,

no one wants to stop you to ask.

because when you are doing things

you actually are.

It seems that the moment you

are emotionally naked, honest

showing too much of the soul

I mean REALLY out there,


you are starting to it right.

fullfilling your purpose.

the more you do anything

the more comfortable it becomes

so just do more of the things you want to become,

but most of all. enjoy the moment, 

and do everything like it is the last time you will

Eat, drink, build things, sing to your kids, have coffee, write stuff, play

because one day

it will.