Frost Protection - By the Numbers / by Keith Saarloos

Last night / this morning we ran our frost protection (overhead sprinklers) for around 8.5 hours. We did this at both of our vineyards. Here is some quick math on what we did to protect our vines and your wines.

April 17 midnight - 8.30 am. -
Our Frost protection throws 2,225 gal per min.
133,500 Gallons Per Hour
We ran it for 8.5 hours 
= 1,134,750 Gallons of Water

An average back yard pool holds around = 15,000 gallons.
So we would fill one of those around every 6.7 Min.
or a Total of 75. 

An Olympic Pool holds 660,000 Gallons.
So last night, we filled 1 Olympic sized swimming pool and then 31 backyard pools.

and when we add both of our vineyards together...
We Filled Shamus Tank.
and a Olympic pool.

all to protect your wine.