Daddy Daughter Days / by Keith Saarloos

Today was one of the best days of my life. (again)

Brielle and I ran around checking the Sauvignon Blanc today.

We found some foxes in the vineyard playing. We spent the morning tasting grapes and being serious about how they tasted and when we thought we should harvest them. 

She thinks we are 2 weeks out.   
As you know, the Savignoun blanc belongs to her. She decides when it's ready to be harvested, and this isn't really one of those "awwww cute" things, this isn't a joke.
She actually does this. It's her job.
But I am a pushover of a boss. I take her to lunch, after we hit the winery for a bit and we talk about our dreams. today we stopped by Sonja @ Casa Dumetz  in los alamos on the way to get a hug and delicious lunch at BellStreetFarm . Brielle talked with her for a while. (sonja is pretty awesome) At lunch, Brielle said. I like her she makes wine... Brielle even said, I am going to go back in and tell her that. I followed her across the street and watched my daughter tell someone she just met how much she appreciated her, her tasting room, and that she made wine. 

My heart exploded in my chest. 

I was amazingly proud of her. She walked back in there and and said everything that was on her heart. The best part is that Sonja treated her just the way you should treat a little girl that is expressing her heart. She was kind and receptive and gave her flowers. and offered brielle a job. 
 (i told her to take it)

On the way home, I told brielle, today was the best day i can remember.

Brielle said, you took the words out of my mouth.  

Then we held hands and I tried not to cry.