Brielle Hinter Saarloos age 9 : works harder than you. / by Keith Saarloos

That little girl thinks that her day was normal.
She woke @ 4:45 like a fireman when I said "Brielle lets Go Pick" . In the dark she said the blessing. She picked grapes,carried totes, cleaned pick bins... She hustled.
She never complained, not once. She mentioned she was hungry around 2 after I lost all track of time. She dint complain about the heat or cold or The sticky dirty monotonous work.
She was a champ, a trooper, she was part of the crew, I was proud to have her.
one moment, I saw my father driving a tractor, pulling a picking trailer with our grapes tucked inside, with my daughter ridding on it, picking out the leaves, both were serious in their work...
And then a wrecking ball hit me right in the feels.
All perfectly normal.
On the way to the winery, she held my hand and said "I'll remember this forever."
With Brad and Greg, Pedro, Alphonso, Grandpa and Daddy.
Today we harvested our fruit.
As a family.
When we crushed the fruit
she pushed the button.
She thinks this is all perfectly normal.
I know it is not. But I am thankful with every ounce of my life,
that for her,
it is.
Honor + Prepare
(The formula is working)
Best day of my life.