Bottling days have a strange feeling to them. - Photos Inside / by Keith Saarloos

They kind of feel like a Junior High school Graduation. It is a important transition in the life of a wine, there is not much fanfare, not too many people there. Its kind of this quite ceremony that is important but kind of subdued.
I guess it is akin to when a CIA agent gets a huge award, but can't even tell their family about it. 

These wines are from 2011. They are 2 Grenache Noir's that we picked from 2 different vineyards. One is from the Windmill Ranch and the other is from ECR. We have now transitioned them from fruit, into wine, kept them slumbering in barrel for 2 years, bottled them,  and are now putting them back to bed for another year.

Kind of like seeing your kids for a hour while they change planes at the airport.

I miss them already. Cant wait to name them.

Thanks for listening.

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