A little note from a wine club family member on the Facebook. / by Saarloosandsons

Okay, I am such a dumb wine lover. (aren't we all?) I just did a search for a few bottles of your wine, and I had no idea it was selling as high as it is! Holy Crap!! I am in your wine club, you send me 6 or 8 bottles a few times a year, I drink them, share them with my friends, and sometimes pour out a little left in the bottle the next day. Holy Crap, I'm pouring out, like $100 of swill. Or giving them to my neices who, couldn't tell the difference between your wine and boonesfarm. I've got to start paying attention!!!
Lol. You still paid 115.00 for 3 bottles.
The Appreciation Of the wine, comes from THE APPRECIATION Of THE WINE.