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50 Santa Barbara Summer Time Activities

Its summertime and I’m sure a lot of us are starting to run out of things to do. But, have we really? I know that I forget about the little things to do, things that don’t even cost money sometimes. I’ve compiled a list of some fun things to use up some of our time! Some are inexpensive, some are free, and some cost some moo-lah. If I didn’t mention something that you have done, add a comment so other readers can check it out! 

  1. Visit our beautiful Courthouse.
  2. Go on a scenic horseback ride in Santa Ynez.Santa Barbara Courthouse
  3. Take a stroll down State Street.
  4. Grab a cupcake and wine taste atSaarloos & Sons.
  5. Visit the Chumash Painted Cave that dates back to the 1660s and earlier.
  6. Go say “HI” to Captain Fred on the Lil’ Toot.
  7. Have a picnic at the Mission.
  8. Go see the new life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Santa Barbara Zoo!
  9. Take a walk on Stearn’s Wharf and grab some ice cream.
  10. Build a fort with blankets.
  11. Have a cup of tea at the Susan Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear Museum.
  12. Have a scavenger hunt.
  13. Go camping at Refugio or El Capitan.Santa Barbara Mission
  14. Check out the Santa Barbara National Horse Show, the oldest horse on the west, July 6-17th.
  15. Go fishing at Lake Cachuma.
  16. Drive the loop from Shoreline to Butterfly.
  17. Have a yard sale.
  18. Take a tour of the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens to visit the Redwood Forest.
  19. Hike up to Seven Falls.
  20. Learn how to sail with the Santa Barbara Sailing Center.Sailing in Santa Barbara
  21. Watch the sunset from Lizards Mouth.
  22. Go smell the flowers at Lotusland.
  23. Make your own fiesta eggs.
  24. Check out the special exhibits at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.
  25. Look for sea glass.
  26. Ride your bike down Cabrillo Boulevard.Cabrillo Bike Path
  27. Visit the Dazzling & Dangerous exhibit at the Ty Warner Sea Center that opened on May 7th..
  28. Hit the Volleyball courts at East Beach.
  29. Grab a scone from Jeanine’s Bakery.
  30. Support the Goleta Beach Triathlon on July 31st.
  31. Go find your hand-print at Kids World.
  32. Check out your local Farmers Market.
  33. See what current exhibitions the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum has in store!
  34. Climb the rocks at Rocky Nook Park.
  35. Volunteer.
  36. Have a game night with your friends.
  37. Grab a pizza from Petrini‘s.
  38. Check out the Van Gogh to Munch exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.
  39. Try dominating the Banana Split from Harry’s Plaza Cafe.Cold Spring Tavern
  40. Fly a kite at Shoreline Park.
  41. Make a lemonade stand.
  42. Go to Cold Springs Tavern for some live music.
  43. Take a Stand-Up Paddle lesson withStand Up Paddle Adventures.
  44. Catch a movie at the West Wind Santa Barbara Drive-In.
  45. Head down to State Street to watch the Santa Barbara Old Spanish Days Fiesta Parade on August 5th and El Desfile de los Ninos (Children’s Parade)
    Fiesta Parade in Santa Barbara

    Photo by Cody Duncan

    on August 6th.

  46. Ride around the UCSB bike path without getting hit by other bikers.
  47. Have a face painting contest on the beach with Zinka.
  48. Check out a Foresters game.
  49. Have a pot-luck BBQ.
  50. Watch the Santa Barbara Teen Starfinalists perform again at SoHo on July 23rd.

Foresters BaseballFrom the Santa Ynez Valley to Goleta to Santa Barbara…There is definitely some things on this list that you can do with friends and family. Add some of these ideas to your summer bucket list!