Shyla - MY LOVE behind the glass! / by Saarloosandsons


Saarloos & Sons Winery

Some call me uncultured because I have had a hard time truly appreciating a glass of wine. Chalk it up to my dislike for alcohol or my love for overtly sweet beverages like grape juice. Who knows? Needless to say, wine and I have a rocky relationship. Maybe because one of the first wines I ever tried tasted like said rocks, more like I fell down and got a mouth full of dirt... Some call that 'earthy', I call it just plain nasty.

Every once in a while though... one comes along that make me happy. 

While in CA last week, some friends and I went wine tasting in Santa Ynez/Los Olivos. After visiting Sunstone Winery, and the one featured here, I can feel the winds of palate change a' blowin'. We may have a new Shyla on our hands pretty soon. I am sure, though, that a lot of my new found happiness with wine is related to the fact that Saarloos and Sons Winery share a tasting room with Enjoy Cupcakes. Oh MY Dear God Almighty.... talk about mouth watering goodness. Weekly cupcake flavors are paired with the wines for your tasting and sugar-loving pleasure. 

And pleasure it was. 

If you've known me for any amount of time, you know I have an affinity for sweets -- Something my waistline does not agree with, and an affinity for aesthetics and design -- something my wallet does not agree with, so you can imagine my double pleasure (yes, even double rainbow pleasure good) when I saw this tasting room. I couldn't help but take many photos and swoon over its uniqueness.... 
When the owner saw I was taking photos, he asked if I would blog them -- so here I am holding true to my word. Thanks, too, for the phone call of wonderful words, Keith. You truly brought a smile to my face that day.

So, take a gander, and if you are ever in Los Olivos, California , stop by to experience what one - quite drunken- lady at the tasting counter proclaimed as "panty-dropping good"!

Enjoy Cupcakes is so popular, they sell out quite quickly. Lucky for us though, They saved us some flights of cupcakes since Danielle called ahead. She also mentioned it was her hubby's birthday and that Baklava Cupcakes were his favorite, so they put it on the menu for the week in honor of Erik. They even have a vintage airstream trailer you can bring to serve cupcakes from at your wedding in the area.

This added touch truly made me smile.... Honest fact : The true reason this photo was taken is for research and replication. ;)