CHICKINS IN SPAAAAAAAACCCCEEEEE! aka the nogg. / by Saarloosandsons

Looks like the free range Neighborhood Chickins are getting a new home.

Now if they only made one for kids.

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A modern chicken coop that looks more like sculpture. The nogg transcends ideas of what a chicken house usually looks like. It is designed to encourage domestic farming while adding a touch of playful elegance.

Engineered and crafted by hand in the UK thenogg is made from strong cedar wood which is fresh scented and naturally antibacterial. Stainless steel trimming, locks & fasteners and the elevated glass dome gives the nogg a contemporary feel and is reassuringly safe and durable.

 There are many challenging design features encompassed in the nogg. The innovative glass top automatically twists and lifts to aid ventilation and is just one of the details that really elevates the idea of what a domestic coop can be.

“It is Matthew Hayward's ability to mix precission engineering with his inate empathy for materials and craftsmanship that makes his work quietly brilliant and makes this a beautiful and unique object above and beyond being a pretty cool chicken house!”