Bill Rules. / by Saarloosandsons

My friend Michael texted me one day telling me he was near my apartment, and had to tell me what just happened to him.

Short of breath from running, he sat down and began his story.

After exiting the West 4th Street Subway station, he decided to cut through Washington Square Park.  It was fairly crowded, as it usually is, with a few street performers in the empty water fountain, crowds gathering to watch them and NYU students rushing to their next class.

He was strolling over a grassy knoll, skimming through his Ipod when he was suddently tackled from behind. Tackled so hard that his earphones popped out from his ears.

He rolled over onto his back, believing he was being mugged, only to see standing above him Bill Murray.

“No one will ever believe you.” Bill said, who then proceeded to run away.