The best Review we have ever had. Nerdz Status. We Pwned you. / by Saarloosandsons


Yep. It’s that time of year again. The time when I lose all of my time to the time burglar known asPrimetime TV Returning Fall Schedule! Not a very good name for a time burglar, but there it is. And at least it has the word time in it. What’s in store for some of this year’s returning shows? Among other things, a little fun with Chuck’s mom Linda Hamilton, Castle coming back from the Hamptons to solve some mysteries and get arrested for murder, House and Cuddy cuddling it up, and Walter pontificating about parallel universe theory while hankering for some Twizzlers. All in a seasons work.


Sometimes I think about what certain characters would pick, and sometimes I just go with what an evening would feel like watching it. Either way, you get to taste some interesting stuff and that’s always a good thing. So, take out the corkscrew, light the fireplace and get your eyeballs ready for some Falltastic TV.

Burbank’s finest would stick close to home. Something Central Valley, but something cool and edgy. And maybe a little nerd thrown in. That spells Saarloos and Sons in my book any day.

Owner and winemaker Keith Saarloos is a nerdy mac head with style and substance. And anyone who can pour a perfect Pinot and quote Futurama at the same time has Chuck written all over it. This season, Chuck is truly coming into his own, taking life by the hojos (to quote Futurama) and making it work for him for once.

The wine: The Saarloos and Sons 100% Sryah 2007 Solo, $28. To quote Keith about this wine: “Solo is strong, in its prime, catching its stride and without need of anything it cannot provide for itself.” 

 Even Ellie would approve.