Falcon in the Riverbed. / by Saarloosandsons

Our friends Travis Shinn and the O.T.M.F.C crew: Keith, Jeremy, Fab, Sean, Bobby (& Sash, in spirit), sped into the LA Riverbed with Ian and the Kestrel, shortly after it was finished. Their 5 & 7D Cameras were in tow so that they could shoot this video for fun. 
Noah Goldsmith of Safe Camp (who we didn't know at the time, but who we have come to like and respect very much) stepped forward and volunteered to edit the footage... This video is the result.
Black Math Horseman's (Ian's band) label mates 'Naam' (on Tee Pee Records), are responsible for the music. Thanks to Bryan Ray Turcotte and Steve Dolcemaschio