GREATEST Yelp Review EVER! / by Saarloosandsons

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Ross G.

This is a must stop while wine tasting!  It's as if the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, a Sprinkles Cupcakes shop and an high end Winery had a debaucherous orgy all with Keith Saarloos in the directors chair.  Keith himself is part of the experience, signing bottles and cracking jokes, bringing a little more rock and roll to the sometimes stuffy wine tasting experience.  With skull decanters and crazy parties, this place sticks out from the rest of the pack.  Oh and the cupcakes, Chocolate Bacon, oh my lord it's a sin just thinking about how awesome they are!

But let's not forget the wine.  Mrs., Purper Heart, 194six Moon and Solo, not only are these creative in name and label, they are creative to ones palate.  Recently we paired the Saarloos Pinot Noir "Mrs." with a New York steak with Garlic/Basil/Sun-dried Tomato butter, and damn was it good!  

Going up to the San Ynez Valley for some wine tasting, this place is a MUST!  Just don't expect to show up and there be a real orgy, It's a family run business and it's not that kind of place... well I don't think it is, you'll have to ask Keith!