Proof of the "Why" Enjoy Cupcakes: Amber and Kevin / by Saarloosandsons

You know how you walk by something every day and you become used to its presence. No matter how awesomely magical it is, your routine takes it from being how you first saw it and transforms it into the landscape. I think about the night watchman at the Louvre, walking by the greatest works of art of all time, and day after day, they slowly settle into the walls and become part of the landscape of your day.

Living in this valley i made a promise to myself long ago that i would never take the Beauty of this place for granted. because at any moment it could all be gone. so i started to look at this valley through the eyes of one of my favorite  painters, Eyvind Earle. And i now see "it" everywhere.

Well i have become that night watchman, and i have let myself down.

I forgot my own phone number last week, and this week i set off on a bit of a journey to look at every thing again, for the first time. 

So in a series of First looks and looking at my failings.

I present Enjoy Cupcakes:

Without a doubt Enjoy Cupcakes is the best bakery in the known world. When you Eat a Enjoy Cupcake, you are not eating a product, a cupcake, a item.... you are eating the expression of the "Why."

I will explain.

Some people wake up and go to work in the morning to make money to pay their bills. Some people wake up in the morning to get through their day at work so they can get to their Passion. 

And then some, a very small few, Wake up in the morning to perue their "WHY?"

Enjoy Cupcakes (amber and kevin) do just this....

What baker on earth scours the world / internet and makes pages like this (the one below) on their website to let you know their "Why". To explain it to us. To let us know where their head is at....

To have no recipes, to follow inspiration like a kid following a butterfly through the forest, to make the worlds best cupcake......

The Cupcake is just a Expression Of What They Believe.

Proof of their "Why".

and just as i have become a night watchman, with the Mona Lisa just around the corner, it had become landscape to me.

So i spent about a hour on their site... 


I sugest you do the same...

I cant wait to eat one this week thursday.