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I love wine! I tend to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time...alright, who am I kidding? Sometimes it can be a bottle! I started this blog to write about all the yummy (and hopefully not gross) wines I taste.

*Disclaimer* You may find a typo from time to time, but what do you expect when you are drinking wine and typing! ;)
So, lets take a little walk across the street from Artiste and enter Saarloos and Sons.  Let me tell you about this unique and amazing tasting room.  It is one of a kind in the Santa Ynez Valley.  The moment you walk in you are welcomed by an amazing staff, great tunes, unique decor, and lastly tasty, tasty cupcakes from Enjoy Cupcakes!

::Side Note- Enjoy Cupcakes sells a "tasting flight" of mini cupcakes that pair well with each wine.  A must have when you got to Saarloos and Sons.  Warning, they sell out fast!:: 

The first time I set foot into Saarloos and Sons I fell in love.  The tasting room is such a blast that you never what to leave.  Every time we have visited, we have had the honor of spending time with Keith Saarloos, the owner and winemaker.  He is so proud of his winery and he should be.  Every wine is excellent.  It's not just the taste that makes these wines exceptional, it's also the amount of thought and care that has been put into them.  As they say on their site, "In each wine you will find a reason behind each element that represents every bottle of our wine - from the name to the colors to the photo even so far as the percentages in the blends."  Each bottle is a tribute to the Saarloos family.  Old family photos are used as the labels for some of the bottles which let the wines tell a great story along with providing an amazing taste.  For example, I enjoyed a glass of 194six moon.  The photo is of Keith's grandparents on their honeymoon in Arrowhead, CA.

194six moon was bottled in 2009.  It is a 60% Syrah and 40% Cabernet Savignon blend.  I took a sip of the wine before having a taste of dinner.  It is a young wine that is slightly dry. It did pair quite well with the amazing dinner Jake made for me.  We had barbecued chicken, grilled corn, sauteed mushrooms, and roasted potatoes.  Once I took a sip after my first bite of dinner my tongue did a happy dance.  We used our aerator on our second glass to see how aging would open things up.  The slight dryness disappeared and the flavors really came to life.  The wine had hints of berries, pepper, and very slight smokey finish to me. 

All in all, a great wine!  If you ever find yourself in Los Olivos make sure to stop by Saarloos and Sons.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  Their wines range from $28-$50.  If you find a wine you love buy it NOW!  Prices increase as stock runs low.