Look what Red Wine Tom Leykis Picks!!! / by Saarloosandsons

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Firestone Walker California Pale 31 Ale still in the kegerator (hey…it’s great and it’s a whole keg!)

Red Wine: Saarloos & Sons Brothers (Bordeaux-style blend from Santa Ynez Valley) bottled 2009 $48/bottle (paired with dry aged boneless organic angus ribeye)

White Wine: Merryvale 2007 Chardonnay, Hyde Vineyard $45/bottle Dessert wine (why haven’t you tried some yet?): 2005 Dolce $85/375 ml bottle (paired with sliced peaches)

Gin: Beefeater 24 chilled

Rum: Havana Club Blue (not available in the US due to the US-Cuba embargo)...someone gave me some…who? I’ll never tell…is this stuff even legal?

Tequila: Angel Bendito from Aguirre Imports Vodka: Charbay Blood Orange $29 Bourbon: Booker's paired with bone-in ribeye

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