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Ok who is coming with me?

How amazing would it be to plan a little getaway to California! 

Yes, it would be fun to be on the West Coast, catch some rays and rub elbows with the beautiful people, but my main desire for a California vacation is to go here.


It’s a vineyard in Los Olivos and not only do they have a stylish tasting room, but they sell cupcakes by Enjoy Cupcakes out of wine. Now I’m not a huge wine lover, but they had me at cupcakes! 

  Here is a peek into their tasting room:


Once we have our drinks we can sit here and have our version of the round table.


 Then we can take our glasses over the cupcake area and pick up some treats!


  Ah heaven! Ladies my bags can be packed in a matter of minutes and Jon’s at work so he won’t know I’m gone till late this evening! Who’s coming with me! 

All of these images were via their site. You can check out more here