sometimes people say nice things about us. / by Saarloosandsons


This past weekend was our friend, Kristin Richey’s 25th birthday celebration and together, with a group of 20, we did the best thing a group of kids can do while in Santa Barbara: Wine tasting!!!

The 20 of us split up into 2 groups and hopped on board 2 party vans and drove up to the SB wine country. First stop, Saarloos & Sons where their ‘thing’ is cupcakes AND wine tasting! GET EXCITED!

Here are some of the most delicious cupcakes i’ve ever had in my life! Ok, yes, the taste may have been amplified by the infused wine but the flavor combinations were still genius. We started with the top right, proceeded downward and then back to the top of the left column. The top right was a Lemon cupcake with lemon frosting (very very tasty and a favorite among many in our group). The next was a raspberry chocolate something which was filled with a chocolate ganache… oh man… if you love chocolate, you’d love this one. The bottom one on the right was MY personal favorite! Bananas foster with the insides filled with a banana cream-like filling! WOW. The top left was mexican chocolate cupcake that had a very delicious cinnamon hint to it. The next was a …. pumpkin-pie-something-or-other… (by this time we, were on our 5th tasting of wine and the sugar rush was in full effect…) And finally, as a “palate cleanser” we were given a ginger infused cupcake. Not bad, but not my fav.

All I can say is that the cupcakes paired with different wines was a brilliant idea and makes for an awesome experience. The owners (and kids!) were adorable, kind and super gracious. They told us stories about their history and how their son (Cash) is gonna be a lady’s man/player when he grows up! Nice. However, I have a feeling that the excitement/hospitality was amplified simply because the fact that the Saarloos & Sons winery was also filming a commercial while we were there… Maybe we’ll all be famous!

Here is a shot of the outside of Saarloos when the sky was actually clear. Overall, it was a beautiful day scattered with changing weather. Weird.

Look at the happy people listening to the stories of wine and children. ;)

Oh, i suppose I should speak a little about the actual wine we tasted. Lets just skip to the point and say, all I really remember was the cupcakes. ouch!

Check this kid out! He was frickin’ adorable. His name was Cash and his dad (Mr. Winemaker) is currently pruning him to become the world’s biggest PLAYA. Check the rain boots, fly hat and rhino print shirt…. he’s well on his way. Here he is with a giant smile posing for a picture.