We got some Campers in the PAARK. and they are awesome. / by Saarloosandsons

Today we met Devon Anthony Ponds and Jessica Anne Wilson they are camping in the PAARK next to the Tasting Room. They are riding their bikes from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina.  about 16000 miles. They are calling the trip the Scrimshaw Project. (click the link to view the page) Here is the Mission Statement.

Scrimshaw, an art form developed by sailors to pass the free time on their long journeys.  These creations documented the sailor’s surroundings, experiences and gave the rest of world a glimpse into their amazing lives.  This, in essence, is our mission.

We will provide an outlet to tap into the beauty and diversity of this planet.  The world that passes everyone by as they cruise the highway, the world that whizzes underfoot as our society flies from city to city, the world that is increasingly not experienced at all: telling the stories of the side of the world that would never get the opportunity to otherwise be told. Our mission is to  share the people, places, sounds and silences that are seemingly inaccessible, often forgotten, or have yet to be experienced.