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Only 126 Cases Produced.
100% Estate 
From the South River Bloc @ ECR Vineyard.
Hand Picked by Family in 2011
Barrel Aged 2 Years
Bottled in 2013
Bottle Aged 1 Year

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Heartwood is that deep dark center core of the tree, the silent structure. The hardest timber of the family, the center most point that keeps the it all together.

Mourvèdre is the old man you love. Was full of wanderlust,is  moody, always seems discontent. If Mourvèdre was a kid in Stand By Me it would, without a doubt, be Chris Chambers.  Its hard to get ripe, it has to have its face in the sun at all times. It is ill content. You have to earn the love of Mourvèdre as a farmer. Low yields and lots of touches. Just the terrible infant... It takes work, sometimes it shows up and ripens like a madman, and sometimes it just doesn't. 
I guess it would kind of like asking Keith Moon to come to your party. 

The part about Mourvèdre that I love is that when it does show up.... it is amazing.
Like you have been let in on a secret, you get to have this real heart to heart with someone you admire. 
I don't really like anything that is easy. Mourvèdre isn't and makes it all worth it. 
That little punk.