Blood Sweat and Years


Blood Sweat and Years


Only 15 Cases Available. 
Estate Grown on the Saarloos and sons El Camino Real Vineyard. 
Hand Picked 2015 Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon
2 Years Barrel aged and 1 Year Bottle Aged. 

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A Note from Danny:

Blood, Sweat, and Years. 

Behind every successful man in the sense of him working hard at what he loves every day, is one tough as nails, woman.

A woman whose beauty is a reflection of her inside. A woman whose touch is the only thing that can calm an obsessed and overly detail-oriented man. A woman who keeps the chaos to a minimum to ensure the smooth inner workings of a home versus a house. 

It’s the blood that pours the passion of detail, the sweat that pours the fruits of labor, and the years of dedicated and undeniable love that makes these stories a reality. Here’s a love story unlike many others but much so like one shared by the likes of the men and women behind Dixxon Flannel Co and Saarloos and Sons wine company.

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This a micro lot picked specifically for this Collaboration between two families that give their all in everything they do. 

This is not a "grocery store wine" 
This wine has been hand crafted in the Saarloos and sons style. 
A testament to their Cult Status they have worked for more than 2 decades to earn.