A one-off custom Tartan: 
Made specifically and inspired completely by SAARLOOS & sons

  • Wine and Smoke

  • Cabernet and Cork Bands

  • Metallic snap buttons.

  • D tech fabricfor wrinkle and shrink restistance for easy care

  • Hidden collar stay buttons. Double wrist closure.

    Blessed women may need a size larger.


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This magnificent Collaboration came about because:

  1. These are the best flannels that have ever been made, by anyone, ever in the history of man.

  2. His mom tried to set us up as friends

  3. The Internet and lurking each other for years

  4. We do sober on what we threaten to do while drunk and actually say "thats a good idea"

  5. His wife, like mine, says "Why Not" Not, "Why".

  6. Quality is not a Gimmick

Charles Schulz used Esterbrook’s Radio Dip Pen Nib #914 to ink “Peanuts”. When he found out that Esterbrook was going out of business HE BOUGHT THE ENTIRE INVENTORY OF #914 Radio NIBS! He said that when he ran out of his favorite nibs, he would stop creating his strip.
— C.Schultz Museum

Quality, is Quality And when Form + Function Meet. 
Why separate it.

The one thing I look for in my life is QUALITY. 
Once I find it, as far as I am concerned, That is It. 
I buy the same pair of boots as close to January 1 as I can and then that is the last pair I buy for the year.
This year I bought 2 pair as the gentleman I purchase them from said "lets see if they still make those."
I wear the same hat every day, and I liked them so much I buy enough so I have some for you. 
When I found out the metal smith that makes the knife I carry every day was Ill I bought every knife he had in stock. 
I wear the same Jeans, use the same pen, drink the same coffee, now that I write this, I realize I am typing on the same keyboard from the first Macintosh I ever bought because I like the way it "clicks"
And if you ever wondered about the love I have for my mug..
You can find that here. 


Now for the fun part of a very bizarre story

Danny, the "Keith" of Dixxon Flannel Company and I ran into each other on the 3rd story in the middle of the country and had a beer, 
Total fluke, but it was meant to be.
Either he or I said, "We should do something together....."
The fun part about Danny and I is that we are either brilliant to dumb enough to actually do things sober that we threaten each other with after a few beers.

I met the man who makes my favorite shirt, because his mother said "You remind me of my son Danny"
I responded, "If your son and I are anything alike, we would probably hate each other"
If we met when we were younger, either we would have hated each other, or we would have been best friends that would have most likely gotten each other in a lot of trouble. 
Luckily we met at a very interesting time in each others lives. 
We became friends on the internet, peering back and forth into each others lives. Every time we did I noticed his voice sounded a lot like mine, and mine sounded a lot like his.
I instantly recognized a man that, like me, was, and still is, desperately trying to make it.
And by "making it" I don't mean money, I mean living up to the promises he made his wife and kids.
Proving everyone who said, we would be nothing wrong.
Proving that voice inside our own heads, wrong.

I saw someone who was pouring everything he had into making it.
He too has a wife that is too good for him, children he loves as much as I do mine... 

Danny and I have lived very parallel lives. 
We tell our selves so many lies, like "you can do it" or "this is a good idea"
That we start to believe them, 
And when we don't
And we want to prove the biggest bully we know wrong. 
That bully is ourselves. 

You see, we would rather die that fail, we pour everything we have into our products. If we receive 1000 kind compliments it is the one customer who had less than a perfect experience that keeps us up at night. We are driven far beyond reason. 
We have a lot of promises to keep.
And we would rather burn ourselves out than break one of them. 
Because most of them are to our wife and kids. 
I know there are more than a handful of people that feel that way. 
And We count you as brothers and sisters. 
He has built a very successful clothing company over the years I have known him. 
He doesn't need to do a collaboration with a tiny little family winery, as his core demographic is tough as nails bikers, welders, wood workers and crafts people.
But He did and We are Honored beyond words. 

Feel free to buy the quality you deserve. 
You probably should buy 2. 
We probably won't be doing this again. 



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