Niece | 2017 Petit Verdot

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Niece | 2017 Petit Verdot



Estate Grown
Windmill Ranch
Santa Ynez Valley
2017 | Picked by Family
2019 | Put to Bottle
2019 - 2038 | Enjoy

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Rarely do we realize history is being made.
While it being made. I shot this photo of my Niece one day while my brother and his family we’re visiting. we we’re in the middle of nowhere watching my father work a horse. My Niece put on my fathers hat - and new chapter in our family history was written. —
You can tell a lot by how a young lady wears her grandfathers hat.
Most of the time it comes off as a prop, or an affectation.
When my Niece Emery put on my fathers hat it didn’t feel like that at all, it felt like the prelude to a story that had yet to be written. Emery is true grit. The kind of girl that when someone asks if anyone has a knife she will produce one silently from her back pocket. An artist in every sense.
Like mother, she is a beautiful soul that doesn’t ask for attention, but deserves more than most to be discovered and seen.
My mother had that hat made for my father as a gift.
It is a very fine hat and he wears it very well, custom made and perfectly fitted.
From this point on, when I see my father wear it,

I will think of Emery and the heirloom she has yet to receive.
It’s in the eyes.

The photo had to be taken.

Petit Verdot is this Middle child of wine.
Often hidden in blends never getting its time to shine.
This wine reminds me, when you hide something to make something else better, why don’t you just release it on it own and let the world bask in the beauty.
If the background singer makes the star look better, then really, who should be the star.

Welcome to the front of the stage my darling.

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