Mom - 2015 Grenache Blanc


Mom - 2015 Grenache Blanc

from 375.00

100% Estate Grown
Mom This Wine Is For You.

Hand Picked by Our Family in 2015
Barrel Aged 1 Year
Bottled in 2016
Bottle Aged 1 Year

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What can you say about the woman who made your heart in her belly? The person who loved you through every little thing you did. Who cheered for you, who was there when you cried, who was there when you needed someone most. She yelled at you when you needed to be yelled at, for whatever reason. Mom is the person who prays that she was sick rather than you. When she said "this hurts me more than it hurts you" really meant it.
Mom was the woman, who out of complete instinct would look into your eyes and put out her hands in a cup and catch your barf as it happened.  
That is the definition of love.
To go against every rational thought and put out your hands to catch. 

You probably didn't think you would read that when buying wine. 
But you know exactly what I am talking about. 
Mom is the person running double, triple and quadruple duty. Working, Providing, The Emotional Rock, the Center of the Household. Mom is the glue that holds it all together. Constantly giving and making it work....

 Maybe your Mom isn't perfect. Maybe your Mom isn't even close to the person I just described. 
But not all Mom's are related by birth. They are the people that sit and listen when no one else will. They are your friends that watch your kids when you need it. The people that pack the extra jacket, and see when you need a hug. Some of the best Mom's I know are younger than me. Some don't even have any kids. But they are by definition MOM. 
Now, when you ask me why did you name it MOM?
If you need more of an answer than that... 
This wine isn't for you.