THE PORT // MAN O' WAR // Fortified Wine

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THE PORT // MAN O' WAR // Fortified Wine


100% Estate Grown
Fortified Wine

Previous Releases
Lionhart - $250
No Quarter - $250
Black Flag - $500
Ten Years at Sea - $368
Dark Seas - $375

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The Ports We Have Released over the Years : 
Lionheart - $500 Per Bottle
Black Flag - 0 Available
No Quarter - $250 Per Bottle
Ten Years At Sea -$368 Per Bottle
Dark Sea’s $375 Per Bottle
(all are selling from $250 - $500 per bottle)

But we have been patiently waiting to release this one.

You rarely think you are making history while you are making it.
But I remember the day we picked this wine. It was just me and my dad down in the Ballard Block on Windmill Ranch. I even remember what we were talking about. A PORT, this port and how unbeliveable it would be to drink it a Decade from now…. 

When I stop to think about how much life has changed in the last 10 years I am buckled at the knees. I held this bottle in my hands and thought of the last 10 years and what has taken place. I was reminded of the Naive Enthusiasm and the crushing self doubt. Running head strong into things we had no business doing and having to learn what and how to do it along the way.  The long nights and freezing mornings. The months of harvests and all of the people we have met and become friends and Family with. How we never thought about having a winery or a tasting room. My kids being born and now on the cusp of Jr. High.
I am humbled by the passage of time. 

And all the while this wine was sitting quietly. 
Waiting for this day. 
Waiting to be shared.

It is odd how every day we go through life it feels like nothing has changed, and then you look back over the last decadeand it seems that Everything Has. 

Getting to hold ten years in your hands is a rare gift. 
I am Honored to share it with You.
Please share it with someone you love.
Make some History.

To the Next Decade.

Honor + Prepare